+5 Best Windows 8 Tips & Tricks of 2015 [Updating Monthly]

We have been using the windows 8 for over a year now and if we are using the previous versions of windows, then we will notice some interesting facts which have been changed with windows 8 version. The window 8 has been changed from windows versions and Windows 95 versions. The smart menu comes with a new start screen where the windows 8 style applications have seen a new interface. The users who are experienced also are getting out from it.
Best Windows 8 Tips & Tricks  

Windows 8 Tips & Tricks

#1Opening from the lock Screen:

The windows 8 opens from the lock screen which comes in a pretty manner, but the displays are not in proper manner. The lock screen is just straight forward and we need to tap the space bar and we need to spin mouse wheel or we need to swipe it upwards for getting a good regular login screen with user name which we have created during the installation period. We need to enter the password for beginning.

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#2Handling the Basic Navigation:

The interface of the Windows 8 is of colorful titles and applications are most users friendly. If we are using the tablet, everything will be in straight forward. We need to swipe left and right for scrolling the screen. We need to tap with any type of interest tiles. When we are using the regular desktop, we need to spin the mouse wheel for scrolling forward and backward.
We can press the end and Home keys for jumping from one end to another. We can use the cursor keys for selecting proper tile and we need to enter for selecting it. We can press the windows key for returning to start menu and we can right click on the applications and we don’t need to unpin for removing. We can drag and drop the tiles and also we can organize according to our wish.

#3Application Groups:

The start screen applications are displayed in a random order and we can organize into custom groups. We can drag the mail and messaging and also we can move the calendar to the left hand side. We can form a separate group known as people group. We can click on the minus icon which is seen on bottom right corner of screen for zooming out and we can drag and drop new group. We can right click on the block and also we can give the group a name. If we are adding more applications to the start screen, then it will be easier for finding the tools. 

#4Using the Quick Access Menu:

We need to right click on left corner for getting text based menu which provides an easy access to useful applets. We can download the Win+X Menu editor and we can customize the programs according to our wish. 

#4Finding Applications:

Win+X menu is really useful and we cannot compare it with our old start menu and it does not give any access to the applications. We can press the control and tab button and then we can click on arrow button which is seen on the left side of start screen. We can swipe it from bottom of the screen and we can see the installed programs which appear on the screen. We can press the control and tab button which seen on left side of the start screen. We can type an application name for searching it. We can click on the arrow which is on the right side of the applications and we can sort our category according to it. 

#5Shut Down feature:

In the Windows 8, we can move the mouse cursor to bottom right corner of screen. We can click on settings icon and we can hold the windows key and we will see a power button. We can click on these and can choose the shut down or restart menu from it. 
+5 Best Windows 8 Tips & Tricks of 2015 [Updating Monthly]
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