7 Awesome 3D Launchers For Android Phones

Android users use launchers to customize their basic Android settings in their devices. The best part of Android platform is its flexibility and it can modified and altered to enhance the device performance and total look of the system. You can change the basic themes and home screens and also do complicated tweaking of every details of the software. In a broad way if you had enough of your devices default user experience then just install the launcher.
3D Launchers For Android Phone

Best Launchers For Your Android Phones 

Nova Launcher: 
This is a very popular launcher and comes with a collection of animation options, home screens and folder view. If you pay some money and upgrade to the premium version then this launcher gives a unique Android experience and can be customized to the minutest detail.

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Go Launcher Ex:
This is the launcher which gives its users a wide variety of screen transition option and also includes 3D animations for the basic home screen and folder view. The settings of the launcher can be accessed by just swiping upwards from the bottom of the screen. It allows the user to lock every single app separately. Overall it is quite a flashy launcher.

It is the most basic and simple launcher and does not allows the user to customize in details The good side of this launcher is that it enhances the phone speed and if you have an older Android version and want to achieve some enhanced performance then Zeam is thing you need to install in your phone.

Appex launcher is a decent launcher which allows customization to a great level and it has some basic themes which is appreciated by the users. To get the best experience of Appex you need to spend a little money to upgrade to the Pro version of it.

Buzz Launcher: 
This launcher gives standard customization options but the positive side of this software is that it has several user created themes and widgets among which you can choose and download. If you want to match the colour of your home screen with the colour of your boots or jacket then this is the right option for you.

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Next Launcher:
This is the coolest launcher and it has got some of the jaw dropping graphics and the home screen and standard grid pattern is way to different and looks amazingly new. This launcher gives 3D effect in a precise manner. This launcher is also sometimes considered as a big battery consumer but it has to got some disadvantage also.

Smart Launcher 2:
Smart Launcher 2 has a smarter home screen. The home screen comes with radial grid in which you can keep short cuts for frequently used items. It also includes more lock screen functions and widgets.

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7 Awesome 3D Launchers For Android Phones
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