Download ChatON For PC or Laptop Using Bluestacks App Player

Chat ON app was developed by Samsung and it was designed especially for the Bada Phones and now it is available for all type of mobile operating systems. Now it is not officially launched for the windows PC. We can install the application on our computer using the emulator software. We can use this application for running the installation package of android or windows or even Bada can be installed on the windows PC. Chat ON is an application which is used for messaging which can be sent to anyone in the world. When we are in the network, we can send the messages and this is the main feature of this application. Here we are using the data connectivity instead of airtime packs. This idea was not good when WhatsApp launched earlier before.
ChatON For PC

The Chat ON gained interest of users as it was made by Samsung for their users who are operating on Bada and could not enjoy the WhatsApp on their smart phone. By using this application we can send messages and also photos and also we can express our feelings through the emoticons. This application cannot send the files other than media files. First, the user needs to be registered in community, and then only they can see and connect with their contacts that are in the network of Chat ON. We don’t need to send any request or approval like the Facebook.  If we don’t need to chat with a particular person, we can block that person. The interface is really smooth one and it does not have any lags even in the low end phones.

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ChatON Features:

ChatON For PC

  • When compared to other applications, the voice calling and video conferencing feature really lags in the Chat ON application. 
  • The application works exactly same to the WhatsApp Messenger. 
  • During the registration period, we need a user id and password for getting into the community. 
  • This is a free android application and it does not cost anything.  
  • It was first developed by Android and then for the Samsung Smart Phones and now its PC version is available. 
  • The application is available in 237 countries and available in 67 languages. 
  • The user can make free calls to each of your friends who are using the particular application. 
  • The users can share their images and videos and also they can share the audios. 
  • When the application is installed on our smart phone the contacts are synchronized automatically by the application and it checks which all people are using the same application. 
  • We can change the profile picture and also we can change the theme and background. 

Download ChatON For PC Full Step By Step Guide Using Bluestacks app Emulator 

The best way for installing the application is through installing the android emulator. Many emulators are available and the most popular one is the Blue Stacks Player where we can download it and the application gets installed easily. When the Blue Stacks Player is installed, we can search for the application in the search bar which is provided on the right side of the corner and when it appears, just click on it. When we click on the application, it will be installed on our PC.When the installation is completed, just go to the application section of the Blue Stacks and click on the icon for starting it. We need to accept the terms and conditions of the settings section and the application will be ready for using. 
  • Search For ” ChatON
  • Click On Install 
  • Done 

First, download the Blue Stacks Player and then install to our PC. Then search for the Chat ON application in the Blue Stacks Player. Next, we can download and install the application using the Blue Stacks Player. Next, open the application using the android emulator and then our application will be downloaded to our PC.
Download ChatON For PC or Laptop Using Bluestacks App Player
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