Download WeChat For PC/Laptop Free On Windows 7/8/XP [Bluestacks]

WeChat For PC is one of the popular application which is similar to WhatsApp used for messaging purposes. We can send it to anyone around the world without any cost. We Chat is now becoming one of good application which attracts more people. By using the We Chat we can connect with our friends and our family members.
WeChat for PC

We can use the face to face chat like the video call feature. We can see that there are more applications available in the stores, but We Chat is now in a good position because they have powerful interface. We can connect with our friends in the text formats and also we can send messages in a group. There will not be any restriction on the regional side as we are sharing ideas around the world.

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WeChat Features 

By using the phone number or the We Chat ID we can search our friends. The application can find the users from our contact list itself. On the We Chat profile we can search the friends in a unique manner and also we can show our nickname to the friends when we chat.

  • It is one of the best tools for messaging has a good clear voice and good video calls.
  • We can use the message alerts and notifications for getting messages when we are in the busy period. To register in We Chat we can use either Facebook account or we can use the phone number. 
  • We need to take care of our privacy when we login using the Facebook account. 
  • We can hide our privacy in the We Chat without showing our phone number. 

We can delete certain part of the device and it is free for download and we can use it in a safe manner. It is available for all operating systems. By using our mobile data or using WIFI or 3G connection we will get good clear voice and video calls. 

WeChat For PC or Laptop Free Download : Guide

First, we need to download the Android Emulator such as Blue Stacks Player to our computer. Next we can install to our PC which we use like other software. Next run the Blue Stacks player and by using the search tool, we can find the We Chat application from the Google Play Store. When we found out the We Chat application, we can click on the install button and then we can wait until the installation is completed. Next, open the We Chat under the My Apps folder under the Blue Stacks Player.
  • Wait For Some Files To Download By Online Install
  • Then open the Blue Stacks Player and then move to the search option. 
  • Next type We Chat and then search the We Chat application. Next, click on the icon of the We Chat and then we can install it. 
Next, install the We Chat application on our PC. We Chat application will take some time for download and may be it will be around 25 MB. When we have finished the downloading process, we need to follow some steps for using the application on our system. Next synchronize our laptop and the mobile devices. Next, open the Blue Stacks cloud connect which is available on the Google Play Store in our mobile and next it will ask for the pin and we need to enter it.

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WeChat For PC Video Guide

We will get the pin from the cloud connect in the Blue Stacks Player. Next, restore cloud connect and then enter the details of the mobile number and the mail. We will get the pin via email. We need to note down our pin number. Take our mobile and then enter the pin in the Blue Stacks cloud connect and then we need to click on the synchronization button. Our PC and our mobile phone will be synchronized properly. It makes it easy for transferring information. 
Download WeChat For PC/Laptop Free On Windows 7/8/XP [Bluestacks]
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