Whatsapp For Bada Download OS 2.0 For Samsung

Whatsapp For Bada :- The text messaging is free of charge and we can do it without any problems. We can share our photos and images with our friends. We can also send the voice messages and it needs only fewer data for transferring.What’s App is the best messaging application which we are using in all models like Android, windows and in iOS devices.

whatsapp for bada

We are using the What’s App application without paying anything for using the application. In the Google play store, the Whatsapp is having millions of downloads and also it is listed on the OVI store and in the iTunes store because it is having few features which are not available on any other application.Whatsapp For Bada is now owned by the Facebook and in the few coming years we can see a change in like button and also a change will be there when sharing on social networking sites.Now Whatsapp is having good updates with new features like last seen option and also making offline when chatting to some other people. Nowadays everyone is looking to have a smartphone having Android and windows operating systems.

Whatsapp for Bada :- Download & Install Guide 2016

Whatsapp :- It is available on all platforms free of charge and the services in this application are quick one and we can also increase our social network presence.On every smartphone, we do some tricks for installing whatsapp on the mobile devices which use Bada operating system. We can do it either on Samsung chat or with Samsung wave models. The Bada operating system is compatible with the Samsung chat duos and on Samsung wave 2 models.

Before installing  Whatsapp for the Bada operating system. We need to download the Jar file or Exe file. Next, we need to connect to our smartphone to PC using the USB option. Then transfer the file which we have downloaded to our smart phone using the USB option. Then we need to unplug our USB mode and next we need to restart our device. Next, we need to install the transferred file and then we can enjoy the Whatsapp on our Bada operating system. For some Bada devices, these steps may not work properly. If the problem arises we need to update our Whatsapp Jar or Exe file properly through a PC.

Whatsapp For Bada Samsung

We can broadcast messages, for sending the single messages to multiple users in an easy manner. We can check last seen status when we are using the Whatsapp. We are having good privacy options for hiding our profile picture to our unknown users. We can block a user who irritates or annoys our feelings. We can send voice messages without typing it.

  • We need to get the installer file for the Whatsapp and then we need to zip the file.
  • Next, we need to copy and then move files to the memory card.
  • Then we need to locate our memory card and then copy into games or apps folder and then delete that folder from your memory card.
  • Next, run the Whatsapp and register our number and then we can keep in touch with our beloved friends.
  • In that situation, we need to move and then download the installer file. It will be helpful if we do this procedure properly.

The Samsung model wave 525 does not support the Whatsapp because BADA operating system is used only by limited people. Actually, they are not releasing any new version for this operating system.Keep reading Androidcustomize for more interesting guide likes whatsapp for bada.

Whatsapp For Bada Download OS 2.0 For Samsung
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  1. Anonymous says

    whatsapp for bada wave y ?? this bada downloading method running very well but after restarting mobile all data gone help me please

  2. Sri says

    will this method works on following devices please tell me ? :-

    samsung wave 525 free download
    samsung wave 525 gt-s5253
    whatsapp for samsung wave 525 massenger download
    whatsapp for bada
    whatsapp for samsung wave 525 bada
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  3. Anonymous says

    Hello This is Great Article it is really informative , Admin can u please tell me how can i access below things
    whatsapp for bada wave y
    whatsapp for bada wave 3
    whatsapp for bada wave 525 download
    whatsapp for bada wave 2 s8530 and bada 2.0 wave 2 s8530

  4. Naman says

    Does this whatsapp version support videoplayer see i have bada mobile which cannot play video but after installing if someone send me videos then am i able to watch ? thanks

  5. says


    No you cannot watch videos if your mobile won't support videos. however you can download videos after that you can connect your mobile to your pc to watch videos

    Keep Visiting

  6. says

    I am using samsung star 2 duos mob.. after installed this app on my mob.. i dint get verfy code in my mob wat to do for tht.. m using net through wifi.. but its showing check ur network settings .. wat s the soln for this .. pls tell me

  7. Anonymous says

    You cannot download it in your phone, this phone is not supported to run whatsapp. They only supports blackberry,android,ios,symbian and windows phone for now.

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