Free*Download Facebook Messenger For PC & Laptop On Windows 7/8

Facebook messenger is an application which is used for connecting with the people around the world. We can login using the Facebook messenger which we have downloaded from our mobile phone. Now the Facebook messenger is not available for the PC version. But in this guide you will be able to download  Facebook messenger for pc The messenger is like typing the text and sending it to the other person.

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Facebook Messenger Features:

We don’t have to pay for the messages which are sent online. It works with our data plan. The Facebook messenger is not only for the friends, but it is for the people which are in our phone list. We need to enter a phone number and later we can add a new contact to our messenger. We can do group chats by creating a group of people for messaging. We can name it and also we can set our group photos and we can keep it all in one place.

  • We can shoot video and selfies and we can keep it in the application and we can send it to our friends using one tap in the messenger. 
  • We can keep our conversations using the chat heads and we can continue our chat while we use other applications. 
  • We can make free calls as long we need and we can speak with people in different countries. 
  • The calls are done through our WIFI network and if it is not through the network, then the data charges will be applied. 
  • We can bring the conversations to our life using the stickers given there.
  • We can preview our gallery photos and videos and we don’t have to leave the conversation while we surf and we can choose the best gallery photos for sending to our friends. 
  • We can record our voice messages and we can send it. The people will know when they see our messages. 

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We can forward our messages and pictures of people, which are not in the conversation. We can search for people and groups and we can add them. We can turn on our location to people for knowing where we are near to it. We can see who are available on the messenger and we can know who is active in Facebook. We can turn off our notifications when we are working or sleeping. We can stay logged in for getting the status in an updated manner.We can create the groups which we message the most. We can set group pictures and we can name them properly for knowing easily. We can create shortcut icons, so that we can enter into the conversation from our home screen itself.

Download Facebook Messenger For PC:

  • First download the BlueStacks software to our computer and then install it to Your PC. 
  • launch the Blue Stacks Player from the desktop Icon 
  • Now search Facebook Messenger on play store
  • & then click on install 
  • that’s it login with your Facebook account 

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When we have installed it, we can find it from the My Apps section of the Blue Stacks Player and then we can launch the application and then we can login to our Facebook account. Since the Facebook has removed the support for the messenger for Windows Desktop client chat. There will not be any desktop application and we need to use any third party application for connecting with Facebook chat from the desktops. Skype is one of the alternative methods of the instant messaging client and an alternative for the Facebook messenger. Many of the people will be using their own VOIP telephony and video call and also the instant messaging functionality. We can connect our Facebook account to Skype within the client and the Facebook contacts will be shown and we can chat like a Skype contact. 
Free*Download Facebook Messenger For PC & Laptop On Windows 7/8
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