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Gmail officially known as Gee-mail is web-based email service which is given by Google. This is an email service which is tested by google where they gives the users to make storage for their messages and it gives the ability to search for a particular message. Users can use Gmail as webmail which is secured using the protocols like POP3 and IMAP4 protocols. Earlier Gmail started on April 1st and it came like an invitation only and later it was available to public people on February 7th, 2007. The initial capacity for storing our things is 1GB per user. Then it increased free storage for 4MB and later they upgraded capacity for sending emails and attachments is 25 MB per user.

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How To Login – How To Signup Google Account [Gmail]


Gmail Email Features [Free Storage 15 GB]

The storage capacity of Gmail is 1GB. Then it was upgraded to 15GB free storage where we can send Photos and can also upload to the Google drive where we can and use it later. The Gmail labs were introduced on June 5th, 2008 and make users test or experiment features of Gmail. Bookmarking email messages which are important or making custom keyboard shortcuts was a good attempt.

Google Drive 15 GB Storage

Google then updated Inbox Gmail having tabs where we can categorize application according to our needs. The tabs like primary and secondary was a good attempt. Also, tabs like social and for promotion purposes was also good at that time. The spam filter of Gmail is another feature where we are having community system. When any user mark mail as spam, the system identifies information and helps to identify similar messages in future. The user can tune the system for marking mail as spam. Another feature was social network integration. We can share our views using the Google plus button and also we can get updates using the Google Buzz. The Google buzz was discontinued on 2011 December.

Signing  up to Gmail

Google Products
When we are signing up to Gmail, we are creating a Google account and later we can login with user id and password which we use to register for an account.

Creating  an  Email  ID/Adress Using Google Gmail

First step is to create a Gmail account for using the email service. We need to have a username and password for getting better features of Google.

how to login gmail
  • When we are clicking on the create account button
Create Your Google Account
  • It will direct to a page where we need to enter the basic details of our information.
  • Next we need to create a name and then select a username which ends at gmail dot com.
  • Next we need to create a password and then we need to confirm it.
  • Then we need to select the birthday when we were born and then select Gender you are.
  • Next we need to give a mobile phone number for giving confirmation.
  • We need for a given email address which is used currently and it is mainly to give password or username resets.
  • Next is the verification step and we need to prove that we are not robots and type the text which comes as an image.
  • Next we need to select the location where we are residing.
  • Next we need to agree to the terms and conditions of Google and click on the Next step button where your account is created.
Login Gmail
  • Then we will able to login to our account using the username and password which we registered with Gmail.
This Step by Step Guide will help you to login easily!

Unfortunately is we forget our username and password, then providing an alternate email address is always good for resetting. When we create an address we are confirming it and we can login with our alternate email address if we lost the option for logging into Gmail. Giving an alternate address is good when we can give alerts for any unusual activity happened in our email.
Free Gmail Login/Signin/Signup [Free Gmail Account]
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