How to Speed Up Your Android Phone [2015 Guide]

Android smartphone is a thing we love to cherish and enjoy the whole experience it gives. But with every smartphone there is problem of slowing down of speed of the device. After using for a certain time period you will notice that your phone is not as fast as it was when you broke the seal. Apps are taking a way too much of time to open and every single thing of your phone has slowed down. But don’t be depressed there are ways with which you can speed up the performance up to a certain limit.
How to Speed Up Your Android Phone
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Speed Up Your Android Phone

Delete the apps which are not used:

It means all those apps which we download and use once or twice and we forget about it. Those unused and unwanted apps occupy quite a lot of space and make the CPU loaded. So all these apps must be deleted by going in the downloaded app and choose between the list and select them and uninstall.

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Free up the device storage space: 

All those unwanted pictures and screenshots which you took earlier and forgot are still there in the storage and slowing down the performance. All the unwanted files from the gallery and download folder must be deleted. For optimum performance the device storage should only be filled up to two third of the total space. Don’t delete the files which you are not sure about as you might not want to lose anything important to your device. There are many system files which should not be deleted.

Clear the cached data: 

The cached data is used by different apps to perform efficiently but there are some apps which are not used so frequently but still have the cached memory loaded. So this space needs to be freed. To do this go to Android settings and scroll down to cached data option, select it and clear out the data.

Fix your SD card: 

If you have a big SD card and it has been used for a long time without formatting and it is getting slower then take it out keep a backup and format and then put the important things only. Many times a full SD card can make your device slow so it is recommended to format your SD card and use.

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Factory Reset: 

If all the other things fail then it is sure that your device needs a factory reset. Though resetting takes quite a lot of time and you also lose some or the other things no matter how carefully backed up the data. But after the device gets factory reset it starts to perform as fast as it used to when it was new.

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How to Speed Up Your Android Phone [2015 Guide]
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