HTC Explorer A310E Root (Android Step By Step)

HTC Explorer A310E Root – Awesome Guide To Root HTC Explorer For Free We Are Sharing Exact Method To Root HTC Explorer Rooting brings you the greatest advantages to your phone and with a phone like HTC Explorer A310E , you surely have to root it and use to its maximum potential! Rooting might involve risks when done in the wrong way. But today we have a tutorial on How to root your HTC Explorer A310E or the PICO with ease.
HTC Explorer A310E Root

HTC Explorer A310E Root

This will help you to complete the rooting process for your HTC Explorer A310E  PICO without any errors or mishaps, in other words, we will help you make it safe!

HTC Explorer A310E Root Guide :-

Things to Do Before Starting To Root HTC Explorer A310E Root :-

  • Charge your battery, 70%-80% will do good.
  • Backup all the data, everything like contacts,calendar,memos, call logs. Literally, you need to take a backup of all things that you have copied to the internal memory of the phone.
  • Unlock the boot loader. Useful link- How To Unlock Bootloader of HTC Explorer A310E Root
  • That’s it, proceed to the next step!

Requirements To Root And Unlock bootloader of HTC Explorer A310E Root :- 

  • A310E Recovery File
  • Superuser.Zip

How To Root HTC Explorer A310E Root PICO Safely :-

  • Unlock the bootloader.
  • Download the files given in the requirements section.
  • Extract the A310E Recovery file to your desktop.
  • Run Recovery.bat file is fast boot mode.
  • Copy the into the SD Card.
  • Turn off the phone.
  • Go into recovery by pressing, Volume up, Power key and home button.
  • Now flash the
  • Done!! You’ve rooted it safely!
HTC Explorer A310E Root If you face any problems feel free to comment it here, we will be happy to help you with all these technical stuff! stay tuned! Happy Rooting!
HTC Explorer A310E Root (Android Step By Step)
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  2. Anonymous says

    my bootloader is not getting unlocked… when i click on bootloader it again comes back to the last page

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