How To Manually Update Nexus 4 and Devices To Android 4.4 (KitKat)

The geeky Nexus devices are supposed to receive updates as soon as the Google releases it, but the heck of it is that my nexus is not up to it which means it can take weeks and months for devices to receive the “so” call updates!! I m sure nexus holders would have a same problem. Luckily, I found out something ! there’s a droid way to upgrade to the latest version of Android. for example 4.4
Google provides an official system of images(boot) for all Nexus’s, which everyone can download and update their devices. This is a way to decrease time when a new version of Android is released for Nexus devices.

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Note that this process is more complicated than simply waiting for Google to update and looking at your phone. If you’re a geek  try it on!!!

Brick Your Nexus 4, nexus 7, Galaxy nexus or any other Nexus you own (but this is a safe one)

To flash a system image onto a nexus, it needs to be unlocked. these devices  usually allow you to unlock their boot with a single tap( Mine did so). If you’ve already done it the device to install a Bloatware or to root it( maybe only geeks would have!), you can skip this section. If you haven’t done this thing yet, then BEWARE bricking the device will format the data.
While browsing at chrome I found out that the Nexus Toolkit is an easy way to brick your nexus’s, I used it was clean thing

Download the System Image at Google for Nexus devices 2013

Hop on to the Google’s Developers site for Factory Images page and download the suitable image or your nexus. Be Aware that you’ll need to choose the right image for  specific nexus. For example, i found these Things when I updated my nexus-
Download the file to PC.

Format it or not?

Booting the system image will obviously clean your data out. We can give it a try to update without formatting your data( Warning: I didn’t check it on my device while flashing so you may face problems do it at your own risks!!!).
Only Geeks!!!
To save your device’s data from being formatted open the flash all.bat file in a text editor like I am an HTML programmer so I prefer to use Notepad++. alter the line containing “fast boot -w update” and remove the -w switch before saving the file.
Hang on Fastboot and ADB
Download the AndroidSDK. we need files from it
Open  it and locate the sdkplatform-tools  inside it.
Extract the following files to the system image folder
  • ·         adb.exe
  • ·         AdbWinApi.dll
  • ·         AdbWinUsbApi.dll
  • ·         fast boot.exe

Flash the System Image To your Nexus Device

Select Open command by Holding the right shift key and right-clicking in your system image folder, and window here to open a Command Prompt window in the system image folder.
 Connect your Nexus to PC with  USB cable, and then run the following command to reboot the device into the bootloader
 Once the nexus displays this image.
double-click the flash all.bat file. This should flash your device with the new system image.
When the process is complete, your device will restart automatically.

Conclusion- You Have Successfully Updated Your Nexus S, Nexus 4, Galaxy nexus to KitKat-

Hell yeah, you’ve finally made it. Owning Nexus is the purest Android Experience and with its guaranteed updates, you device will rock!
How To Manually Update Nexus 4 and Devices To Android 4.4 (KitKat)
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