{New]*Best Whatsapp Tricks & Tips For Android / iOS / Blackberry

What’s App is now one of the best messaging apps which is connected around the world. What’s App has also faced tough competition from We Chat which is active in China and also in the Asia regions.
Best Whatsapp Tricks
Best Whatsapp Tricks

We will be able to use some tricks and tips in the Whatsapp Tricks which we can use it without any problems.

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Best Whatsapp Tricks & Tips

How to Hide Last Seen on WhatsApp

When we chat with a person in WhatsApp we can see his last visit in the application and by default it is listed as the last Seen which gives the users the last time where the user have been on the WhatsApp. For some privacy reasons we can disable the timestamp and we can do it both in Android and in IOS.

First Open Whatsapp & Go To Settings 

After That Select Account Option

Now Open Privacy
After That Select Last Seen & Set as Nobody 

Restoring the WhatsApp Chats and Backing Up

Restoring the WhatsApp

We can make automatic backups for our chats and also we can make a manual backup if needed. When we are using an IOS version, then we need to go to settings and select the Chat settings. Next we need to select the Chat Backup and then click on Back Up Now button. 
If we are using Android version, we need to go to settings and select the Chat settings. Next we need to Backup the conversations for creating a backup.Download Whatsapp For Java By doing this it won’t back up our media, so we need to use file manager for copying media folders to media section. We cannot restore the Chats directly from the WhatsApp. If we need to restore a backup, first we need to uninstall it first and then reinstall the WhatsApp and then we will be able to restore our recent backup. 

Locking our WhatsApp:

For every person we need to deal with our friends and family for having a Sneak at our WhatsApp messages. If we are using WhatsApp on Android or in Black Berry we are having apps which help to secure our WhatsApp. If we are using Android we will get WhatsApp Lock and if we are using Black Berry we need to check for locking the WhatsApp. 
The application on Android and in Black Berry works in a similar manner. When we use the WhatsApp it will be protected by a PIN or password. Once we have done it the people near, you must not sneak at your messages. 

Creating shortcuts for Contacts which are imported:

If we need to speed up our communication in the WhatsApp, we need to make a shortcut for using our best WhatsApp contact straight from the home screen. In Android we can long press on the group or the contract which we need to create a shortcut. When the menu comes just click on the Add conversation shortcut and it will create the shortcut of contact or the group straight from our Home screen. 
In IOS it is not available and we need to use a third party app like 1TapWA which is used similarly in iPhone. 1TapWA is having features like image editor and also an action scheduler. 

Changing our WhatsApp Phone Number:

If we change phone numbers and we have kept the old phone, then we do not need to uninstall and reinstall the WhatsApp for changing the numbers. In WhatsApp we are having setting which helps to migrate our WhatsApp account for different phone number. 
Take settings and select the account and then change the number and in that we can enter our old phone number in the top field and new number in the bottom field. Next we need to click the done button. Next, verify the phone number and our chat history and it will be migrated to the new number. 

If we are using an IOS version we need to go to the settings tab and select the chat settings and next we need to choose the Advanced tab and set last seen icon to off. If we are Android user we can set this from the application itself. We can also install a third party app for hiding the WhatsApp status. The application will disable our WI-If and data connection when we switch on to the WhatsApp. When we exit the application our WI-FI and data connection will gets activated again. The WhatsApp will synchronize the messages sent.

{New]*Best Whatsapp Tricks & Tips For Android / iOS / Blackberry
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