Opera Mini Free Download For PC & Laptop : Windows 7/8

Opera Mini For PC is internet browser which available free for the Mobile Phones which use the Android Operating system. The main functionality of this browser is that it has all the functions for web browsing. It has the ability to compress the web page size to 90 percentages. This is one of the best technology which is used in all the mobile phones.

Opera Mini For PC

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Opera Mini Features:

It has ability to synchronize our bookmarks and our favourite pages in mobile and computer systems. Speed dial is a unique feature which helps to access the pages directly within one click. The bookmarks are displayed automatically when we open a tab.

  • The interface of the application changes to new devices which gives a good modern and sleek appearance. 
  • Zooming the web pages and pinching makes it smooth and gives a good quality crisp surfing experience on our Personal computer and in our computer systems. 
  • The applications and the games can be downloaded from the opera mobile store directly. 
  • By using the opera speed dial also we can download the games directly.
  • Opera Mini is one of the fastest browsers which is available in the world market. 
  • This is available now in Android versions only. 
  • The browser is secure and it can be customized to our needs. 
  • Over more than 250 million people use this opera mini browser. 

We can compress the data in the background and also we can browse the internet without wasting our data usage. We can browse the heavy pages having more images and graphics and we can load it in minutes. The browsing experience is really good with blazing speed. The browser only uses less data which gives a good faster internet. We can navigate the big buttons clearly and we can make a layout for the opera mini which helps every person to use the web browser.

We can download it from the Google Play Store and we can enjoy browser in good speed. Official version of the opera mini is free of charge and it is easy to install it. We can try this web browser and we can enjoy the device in good manner. Opera mini is good for all mobile phones like Samsung, Sony and Htc. It is also good for Nokia, Micromax and also Karbonn. We can check for Version 4 of Android and or a higher version. The opera Mini browser is made in Scandinavia and it is one of the Independent browsers.

Download Opera Mini For PC

For downloading Opera Mini to PC we need to have emulators for it. There are many emulators which are available in the market. Here we can use the Micro Emulator, which is one of the best emulator available. We do not need a third party software for using the proxy for our clients. We are having support for downloading and it works perfectly. 
First, download the Opera Mini Version 7.1 and we need to download the .Jad and .Jar file. Next we need to download the Java 2 SE of version 1.5. After that we need to download Micro Emulator of version 2.0.4. Next we need a custom skin for running the Micro emulator in full screen. At last download the JADgen file. 
  • Install & Open It
  • Go To Play Store & Search For ” Opera Mini ” Click on install 
  • Wait For Installing 
  • When Opera Mini Will Installed Then Go To Main Menu & Open OPERA MINI 
First install the Java 2 SE of version 1.5 and we can skip this step if we have the Java SE. Next extract the downloaded zip file of the micro emulator. After that, open the context menu of windows, and by right clicking take new option and then select the shortcut option. We need to name as Jar Loader. Next we need to open the properties of shortcut menu, and then we need to edit it. 
We can also edit the path which we have extracted the file. For running another version of opera mini, then we need to open the JADgen and then paste the full path of a jar file and then click on it for generating the JAD. It will be created along with the jar file. Next we will be able to use the opera mini browser properly. 
Opera Mini Free Download For PC & Laptop : Windows 7/8
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  1. Anuj says

    Thanks ! Editor now i am able to use opera mini for computer thanks again! i am using bluestacks bdw it is working bit slow but still ok

  2. Opera says

    Finally Downloaded ๐Ÿ˜€ i am searching for this opera mini pc software to download it but after searching got this ! i will use this to browse the web

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