How To Download Viber for PC & Laptop : Windows7/8/XP Using Bluestacks

By using Viber For PC we can send messages free of charge and also we can make calls free of charge, to any users who uses Viber or to any network. It helps to connect with our contacts and also synchronizing the contacts can be done easily. We can later look for the call history where how many people called or messaged to our device.

Download Viber for PC

Viber New Features:

The voice calls can be done in high quality formats and we can send messages with sticker icons which makes the conversation interesting one. We can make a full synchronization with the our mobile and also the windows.

  • We can transfer the ongoing calls between our devices. More than 360 million users use the Viber software.
  • We can send videos and also we can send the pictures around the world. We can connect using the WIFI or using the 3G connection.
  • We can make calls to people who does not use the Viber.
  • We can call to the landlines numbers and also to mobile number at a lower rate.
  • It is available for smartphones and it is also available on all the platforms.
  • It is more compatible and it can be optimized for the Android tablets and it can be done in a simultaneous manner.
  • We can make synchronization with our mobile contacts and it can detect automatically which users use the Viber.
  • We can make groups and we can add up to 100 people.
  • We can download the stickers from the market and we can make fun in messaging.

We can make push notifications so that we will not miss any message or any call when the Viber is off. We can integrate the contact list for the messages and the calls. The Viber is having a Support for the Desktop application on Windows and it is also available for the Mac. The Viber is completely free and the advertising is really free.

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Download/Install Viber for PC / Desktop On Any Windows Version

  • When the software is ready for running, we need to search for the App named Viber using the search tool.
  • When we have found the app, click the install button for downloading and then install it using the Viber.
  • Next run the Viber by clicking the interface of Blue Stacks. Then we can see a welcome screen and then we can click on the continue button.
On the next screen we need to enter the phone number and in that we can put the mobile number and click on the continue button. Next it will send an access code to our Phone via the SMS which we need to enter into the box. We need to click on the link in the message which appears on the code entry and we will get an automated call to our phone and in the voice the code will be read which we need. Next, enter the access code and click the continue button.

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Check The Video Also To Download Viber Using Bluestacks App Player :-

The Viber will be activated and the contacts will be shown in the list. The Blue Stacks do not have a contact application and we need to avoid this problem by installing the contact application. We need to exit Viber by clicking on the Blue Stacks icon which is seen on the bottom and it will take to the Home screen of the Blue Stacks. On the home screen we can search for the application and we need to make search called GO Contacts EX and when we have found it, we need to install for downloading and then we need to install it. When we have installed we will see a blank contacts. We can add the contacts by using the Viber. We can add the contact by giving the name and the mobile number. We can add contacts by using this method when we built the contacts which we need to talk on the Viber.
How To Download Viber for PC & Laptop : Windows7/8/XP Using Bluestacks
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