Whatsapp Voice Calling Feature: When it is coming to India?

Just five months earlier we heard the buzz about WhatsApp to allow some of its updated Android user to make calls through WhatsApp. Though it was just a rumour then but now it this calling feature is actually added and people are getting aware of this new feature presented by WhatsApp. This new free voice calling service is available on invite only basis that is you can call only those who has WhatsApp already installed in their Android device and has got the updated version of it. The free voice calling service is limited to Android only and that too only with the latest version.
Whatsapp Voice Calling Feature

Many famous tech blogs has reported this calling feature earlier which was done by Nexus 5 running on latest Android Lollipop. Many news ensured that this voice calling service is only available to those Indians who has either Nexus5 or they have the latest Android 5.0. Other than this configuration the app is not supporting voice calls.
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Whatsapp Voice Calling Feature

Many leaked images or screenshots were in the market and it shows the new interface of the WhatsApp. In those screenshots we can see a separate icon for calling other than the usual chats and contacts option.
  • The calling interface is very similar to the normal smartphone directory. 
  • The screen also shows the last calls through WhatsApp. 
  • The voice calling service which is offered by WhatsApp is being considered as quite flawless and the call quality is smoother than other voice calling services offered by other messenger apps.

WhatsApp launched its voice calling service soon after its rival Hike released the free voice calling service in India for both 2G and 3G smartphone. Although Hike was the first but the rivalry is well treated by WhatsApp who has a better user interface and better quality than its rival Hike. Although Facebook messenger has a wonderful track record but after this launch of voice calling WhatsApp is also supposed to grab that sector and give a tough competition to other rival messenger apps.

Whatsapp Web

WhatsApp messenger has also launched its WhatsApp for web which can be operated through you laptop or Personal Computer. This also replicates the same window which you can see in smartphone. It has also got exactly the same features available in the smartphone version. It is supported with Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browser and also in BlackBerry and windows phone other than Android.
Whatsapp Voice Calling Feature: When it is coming to India?
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